In Miami there are different companies that offer furniture for kitchens, closets and bathrooms, there are hundreds of carpenters and itinerant contractors offering services with little or no experience in the market, others are manufacturers that mass produce large volumes of standardized cabinets in order to lower costs and increase sales but that standardization prevents architects or draftsmen to design to suit the client because each family has different needs and tastes that merit an exclusive design, therefore, these prefabricated kitchens that come some in boxes to self-assemble although They also have their appeal and can adapt to each space their quality and price does not justify the purchase decision.

In dunini we manufacture any design that is required by the architect without any limitation because they are not modular cabinets, the combination of the handmade work of our master cabinetmakers and the technology available in our machinery makes a perfect balance to achieve an authentic work of art.

There are also companies that sell their products online through the internet to build at home with the promise of offering a better price (“cheaper”) but they put the customer in a mess because they must do all the work, from making their own design Supposedly assisted by them to remove, assemble and install the cabinets Loading with the responsibility of any error.

Finally we have briefcase companies that do not have an infrastructure that guarantees the client their investment, they do not even have a showroom where the client can see, touch and feel the product they want to acquire, they visit the client at home and offer give all the service at home but be careful with that, buy without seeing has its risks and more if they are briefcase companies that have little or no financial solvency.


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