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Crafting Art Since 1967, Elevate Your Home with Us!

With 50 years of expertise, Florida’s finest artisans, and advanced technology, we create genuine masterpieces. Visit our showroom to witness our designers turning dreams into reality. Create Your Ideal Home! Dunini is here to transform your living space. Reach out from your home for free advice and estimates or visit our showroom to experience firsthand why Dunini is the ultimate choice.

What makes us different?

Embracing Every Design Challenge: Kitchens, Closets, Bathrooms. Each project is tailored to your family’s unique needs and desires. Our Architect, an integral part of the Dunini family with over 50 years of experience, oversees every customized creation.

Discover Limitless Choices: Over 100 Cabinets, Colors, and Finishes Ready for You! Experience swift satisfaction with our extensive selection. Choose from a palette of cabinets, colors, and finishes – more than 100 options! Enjoy immediate availability or indulge in exclusivity with designs delivered within a maximum of 15 days.

Elevating standards: Dunini is among the select few that offer certificates of authenticity and guarantee in their products.

Dunini cabinets are made of 100% wood in their different versions suitable for the manufacture of high-end cabinets. Contractors and the general public obtain at Dunini the trust they need for their projects, the materials we use for that special ultra-matte finish or high gloss lacquers are selected from the best manufacturers in the USA and Europe.

Experience Top-Notch Hardware: Our doors and drawers feature premium Blum brand components, renowned for their quiet and smooth closing systems, among other exceptional choices.

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dunini products are among the best and most recognized in the furniture industry.