How to take care of my kitchen?


Choosing the right material for your kitchen countertops is crucial for both aesthetics and functionality. Natural granite countertops exude a brilliant shine, while quartz options offer a diverse range of colors, making them ideal for modern kitchens. However, it’s essential to note that natural marble, although recommended for restrooms, walls, and floors, is not suitable for kitchen counters due to its susceptibility to stains from oil, lemon, and chemicals.

Quartz countertops, available in various brands and prices, present a more resistant and stain-resistant alternative compared to granite. It’s important to be cautious with very hot pots on quartz, as they can leave marks, unlike natural granite, which remains resilient at any temperature. At dunini, we provide an extensive selection of colors at excellent prices for both granite and quartz countertops. Explore our offerings by clicking on granite/quartz.


During the installation of your countertop, take extra precautions to ensure a smooth process:

  1. Close kitchen doors to prevent the spread of stone dust throughout the house.
  2. Individuals with asthma should avoid exposure to this dust.
  3. Request granite workers to cover drawer slides with plastic to prevent dust-related damage.


  • Handle Doors with Care: Countertop doors with hinge break systems or silent close mechanisms should not be forced shut by hand. Gentle pushes are sufficient to ensure smooth closure.

  • Avoid Detergents: Refrain from using wet towels or abrasive sponges on the doors. Instead, clean with a dry cotton wiper. If grease traces persist, mix four drops of dishwasher liquid with one liter of water for effective cleaning. However, limit the frequency of this process to maintain the integrity of the doors.