1. PRIORITIZE EXPERIENCE AND EXPERTISE: When embarking on your kitchen design journey, avoid improvisation. Safeguard both your money and time by engaging with a formally established company with a proven track record. Seek out professionals with architectural expertise who can assist you in crafting the perfect kitchen design. Steer clear of individuals claiming to handle everything or itinerant carpenters lacking a stable reputation. At dunini, we’re committed to transforming your dreams into reality with a team of seasoned experts.

  2. OPT FOR A SPACIOUS COUNTERTOP: Recognize the centrality of the kitchen countertop as a communal space for family gatherings. If space allows, insist on a generously sized countertop where every family member can comfortably participate. Our kitchen designers understand the importance of this focal point in creating a harmonious family environment.

  3. BALANCE FUNCTIONALITY WITH ACCESSORIES: Embrace the utility of kitchen accessories, but exercise discernment in selection. Choose items that enhance your specific cooking needs, avoiding unnecessary additions that could inflate costs needlessly.

  4. ILLUMINATE STRATEGICALLY: While natural light is optimal, supplement it with artificial lighting in areas with poor illumination. Adequate cabinet lighting not only adds elegance to your kitchen but also improves visibility during food preparation.

  5. SCRUTINIZE MATERIAL DETAILS: Prioritize a thorough discussion about the materials used in your kitchen construction. Request to see the materials firsthand and inquire about warranties in written form. At dunini, we provide a certificate of authenticity and warranty, ensuring transparency in the construction process.

  6. HARMONIZE COLOR AND TEXTURE: The color and texture selection for your kitchen are pivotal in enhancing its beauty. Consider factors such as floor color, ambient brightness, and, importantly, contrast. For instance, if cabinets are dark, opt for a lighter countertop to create a visually appealing contrast. While not a strict rule, effective color contrasts can elevate the aesthetics of your kitchen.

Arq. Ermenegilda Contarin